Storm Damage And Your Roof, Roofing Lawrenceville GA

Has your home been damaged by a recent storm? If so, you may be wondering what kind of damage has been done to your roof. The different types of storm damage that can occur to your roof are dangerous to your home. As a homeowner in Lawrenceville GA roofing also has to acknowledge the damage that can come from severe rain, hail and wind. We will provide information on these different kinds of storm damage so you can be aware of the harm it may do to your home. Hail or Highwater roofing Lawrenceville GA, is very familiar with the extensiveness of how these different types of storm damage can affect your home and we hope this information we provide will help you realize the severity they bring and how we can help you avoid it as much as possible or have us evaluate any damage you may have already incurred.


Rain damage is a problem that can occur year round as well as rain and hurricane season, and is the most direct point of damage that can erode your roof and your property. Rain damage is also mixed in with most dangerous storms so the frequency it occurs is much more often than other storm damages. Your roof is always fighting the damages that come from rain throughout its entire lifespan, and leaks may begin to occur after an increased amount of damage being incurred from this strength, and these leaks form moisture in your roof and bring a plague of mold, mildew, and even fire hazards if the rain leaks in just the right location. Structural damage occurs as these damages begin to grow within your roof and your home.


Hail is considered the leading cause of roof damage in the spring and fall, and when it affects the roofing Lawrenceville GA it becomes a major threat to the integrity of your entire roof. The hail falls at an increased speed  by growing as it is pulled down from the sky. When hail impacts your roof it can ding your shingles and create cracks in them, and can even place holes within your roof. These damages, if gone undiscovered, can grow even worse with ongoing storms of the same variety, and it is best if you perform an inspection after a severe or any hail storm.


The biggest dangers to your roof can come from the impact of prevailing winds. Wind damage or damage from hurricanes can create damage from the winds themselves or the debris they pull onto your home from the winds. The damage from direct wind has the capability of lifting your shingles off your roof and exposing your home to the elements, and creating opportunities for leaks to occur in your home. Be mindful of trees near your home, these winds can be strong enough to pull off the larger branches or the entire tree and have them fall onto your home. These damages can completely expose your home and are horrifying to experience. After a severe wind storm, check your roof or have a roofer inspect your roof to see if any shingles have gone missing.

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