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The trusted roofing contractors for roof repairs in Lawrenceville, GA

Roof replacements are not always the best option for homeowners. Replacements can be expensive and, at times, all that is required is a roof repair. Get affordable roof repairs and gain the protection your roof repair Lawreceville GA property deserves.

Why Get Professional Georgia Roof Repairs

After perusing some articles on the internet, you might be tempted to set out on a DIY roofing repair project. Tackling such a project can cost you money, time, and energy and does not guarantee the problem will be resolved. While home maintenance can be seen as a weekend chore, roof repair is an entirely different situation. We suggest not wasting your time and money on such a task, but instead, put down your hammer and call our veteran team. Roof Repair in Lawrenceville, GA can be easy when you call Hail or High Water.  

The Types of Roof Repairs

Not every roof has the same issue. Every problem will need a different treatment that meets its specific needs. If your roof is not at the tail end of its life, then roof repairs are the way to go. Check out the different repairs you might encounter below.

Roof Repairs - Lifted Shingles

Roof repairs are an option if shingles are missing or have been lifted from your roof’s deck. The cause of this type of damage is usually from storms. The repairs are inexpensive and they help prevent higher repair costs in the future.

Roof Repairs - Flashing

A common component of most roofs that need repair is the flashing. When the flashing is pulled away from the vertical surface of the roof, an entryway for water is created. Flashing is fairly affordable and an aspect of your roof that definitely should not be ignored.

Roof Repairs - Chimney

The area around chimneys is often a source of roof leaks. This is due to bad flashing/siding installation. These repairs usually only need minor adjustments to the problem areas in order to stop the leaks. Our elite team will conduct a full inspection to make sure your roof has no other areas of vulnerability.

Roof Repair Costs

Costs for roof repairs vary from situation to situation. The cost depends on the extent of the damage, the type of roof, and even the location. Some parts of the Southeast are consistently hit with greater and more frequent storms than other areas. Here are some estimates that homeowners can expect for repairs.


Small Roof Repairs


Moderate Roof Repairs


Major Roof Repairs